Officers' Duplex Quaters No. 26 (Lt. Governor's House) as it looks today.
(Photograph courtesy of Archaeological Consultants of the Pacific).

Lt. Governor's House

The construction date of the Lieutenant Governor's house is unknown. Its low number suggests it was built in the first decade of the twentieth century. The two-story, frame building was originally a duplex officers' quarters housing officers and their families. After the Naval administration left in 1951 it was used to house government contract workers and for the past two decades it has served as the home of four lieutenant governors. Standing on concrete piles, it is located east of and below Government House. A 1934 map shows the verandas extending across the front and part way back on the sides. Two ells had been built on the rear of the building. Corrugated iron covers the roof. In 1934 the station supply officer and the medical officer and their families occupied the quarters. That same year the maintenance records noted repairs to the roof and the exterior being painted. The building has recently undergone extensive repairs with attention being paid to the historic character of the building. Today the Lieutenant Governor of American Samoa occupies the residence. This building is on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Tutuila Naval Station Historic District.