U.S. Naval Station Tutuila Commissary
as it looked in 1919.

(Photograph courtesy American Samoa Office of Archives and Records Management)
U.S. Naval Station Tutuila Commissary
(now the Jean P. Haydon Museum)
as it looks today.

Commissary Store (Jean P. Haydon Museum)

This building currently houses the Jean P. Haydon Museum. The front portion of the building was originally the Commissary Store (Navy Bldg. No. 43) and was constructed in 1919. Workmen constructed its walls with locally-manufactured concrete blocks moulded to initaite rough-cut stone. The rear portion was originally a garage (Navy Bldg. No. 24) (date of construction unknown). By 1949 the Navy had converted this building into the Treasurer's Office. After the Department of the Interior took over the former Naval Station in 1951, the former commissary became the Pago Pago Post Office. Then, in 1971, the new Post Office across the street was constructed, and then Governor Haydon decided to convert the commissary and the garage into a single structure to house a museum (named after his wife who was instrumental in starting a collection of Samoan art and artifacts).

This building is listed separately on the National Register of Historic Places and as part of the Tutuila Naval Station Historic District.