Old Samoan Jail as it looked around 1988.

Old Jail

Immediately to the west of the barracks is the old Samoan Jail (Navy Bldg. No. 72), now the local offices of INTERPOL and the regional law enforcement agencies SPICIN and OTICIDE. The construction date of the island government's jail for Samoan prisoners is uncertain. It appears to have been in existence in 1917 when the United States went to war with Germany. At that time the commandant seized two German ships in Pago Pago Harbor and reported that he had placed the enlisted crews in the jail. It is a one-story structure of poured, reinforced concrete, similar to the first floor of the Fita Fita Barracks. The building measures about fifty feet square. This building is on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Tutuila Naval Station Historic District.