The Malae O Le Talu in Fagatogo as it looked in 1928.
(Photograph courtesy of the American Samoa Office of Archives and Recoräs Management)
The Malae O Le Talu as it looked around Christmas 1997.
Looking across the Malae O Le Talu toward some of the remaining historic buildings in Fagatogo 1988.

Fagatogo Malae

The Fagatogo malae is the large grassy area in the center of the Naval Station Historic District. Every traditional Samoan village has such a malae, which serves as the ceremonial center of the village. Each malae is named; the Fagatogo malae is Malae o le Talu. In Navy days it was also known as the Parade Ground. Here the all-Samoan Fita Fita Guard and Band trained and performed. There was a band shell at the far end of the malae. The Parade Ground's overall dimensions are 210 feet by 500 feet. The Malae o le Talu is still the ceremonial center of American Samoa--the traditional venue for Flag Day (April 17) and holiday festival performances. The malae is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the "Parade Ground" as part of the Tutuila Naval Station Historic District.