O le Ki O le Malo O le Lagi Church as it looked around 1904.
(Photograph courtesy of Ms. Karen Wheat)
The interior of the original O le Ki O le Malo O le Lagi during the trial of High Chief Letuli held in 1900 by Captain B.F. Tilley.
(Photograph courtesy of the Jean P. Haydon Museum)

O le Ki O le Malo O le Lagi

This is the Congregational Christian Church O le Ki O le Malo O le Lagi (Key to the Kingdom of Heaven). The original London Missionary Society church for Fagatogo (also know as O le Ki O le Malo O le Lagi) was located just seaward of the Generator Plant (the site of the current Communications Building). A second church, as seen in the historic photograph on the left, was built around 1904. The cornerstone to the current church was laid in 1933 during the reconstruction of the 1904 church, but this construction was interrupted by World War II and the building was not completed and dedicated until 1949. The church after withstanding three major cyclones, was closed for an extensive two-year renovation that was completed in 1994.