Administration Building before
1998-99 restoration.
Administration Building after
1998-99 restoration.

The Naval Station Administration Building

The Naval Station Administration Building (Naval Bldg. No. 21) is now the home of High Court of American Samoa. The building was carefully restored in 1998 (at a cost of US$1.2 million). Great care was taken to replicate the original exterior design and color scheme. Historic photographs of the Court House were used in the restoration effort. In addition to the exterior much of the original interior woodwork was also preserved and restored, including the central staircase and skylight. The Court House looks very much as it did when it was built (aside from the larger, later upstairs windows). The flagstaff in front of the building was also erected in 1904.

The two story frame structure stands on concrete piles. A two story ten foot wide veranda, originally on all four sides, remains on the front and both sides. The building measures approximately eighty feet square. To the rear of the building and separate from it, the Navy built a concrete, one story vault to hold the Island Government's records in 1925. The vault remains and today it is joined to the main building as is a second-story frame addition on top of it. All the executive offices of the naval station and the Island Government were housed in this handsome building. This building is listed separately on the National Register of Historic Places and as part of the Tutuila Naval Station Historic District.