Samoan Garb

Last Updated on 07 November 2011 | Written by ASHPO
Samoan Garb

This gallery contains three photos of the Samoan garb adorned by locals, August, 1922.


0 #1 Marie Pati 2012-07-21 09:22
Thanks for the picture, I was born in Pago Pago Am. Samoa, but raised up here in California, don't have no memories of the Island, however, my parent tell us interesting stories about back in there days. I still speak and understand the language that one things I thank my parents for, at home we were not allowed to speak English, my father said" Speak English in School, but when you get home speak Samoan. Thank you all sooo verrry much for the picture. I want to share these with my children and grandchildren.... Thank you again...

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